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Jennifer Allen





Part of my Squarism Series that are painted in grid patterns and designed with happy repetition and rhythm. She is strong and brave! This was inspired by my daughter's love of all things Vera Bradley when she started middle school. Her beautiful backpack and lunch box had colors similar to this piece. Beautiful purples, greens, blues, and pinks like a secret floral garden hidden away for only the brave to explore and enjoy! Do you remember being the little person on campus? Being so brave and sometimes carrying something special from home with you reminds you that you are loved. This painting was made to bring love, strength, and energy to your home.

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Jennifer Allen

An emerging Grid Artist/Designer from the DFW area of Texas, whose distinctive style utilizes acrylics and other media on canvas. Using multiple techniques and blending to create energy and movement, she also explores complementary colors, shapes, and textures to create aesthetic rhythm. Jennifer’s background in dance and music, as well as being a habitual organizer, is evident in her creations. She found that by using the grid format in her paintings, she could maintain her desire for organization while creating mood, movement, and melody with her colors and shapes. Personality emerges from each piece when she combines her unique styles of structure with free-flow accents.

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