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Disco Galaxy


In this painting, I play with color and texture to generate an image which has a unique celestial like feeling. The yellows contrasting the almost lavender like blue make the dark center disappear as if a galaxy is exploding in front of your eyes.

artwork by

Lina Bagepalli

Lina Bagepalli is an abstract expressionist painter originally from Niskayuna, NY. Painting and figure drawing have been lifelong passions for Lina. She uses heavy body acrylic paint on canvas to create realistic portraits of women with impressionistic textures and colors that depict the vibrancy of nature. The works capture the feelings of joy, intensity and passion that we sometimes lose sight of in our lives. The figure paintings represent vulnerability and strength in the female form. As she has continued to develop her style, Lina has moved into abstract impressionism experimenting with colors and textures. Currently, Lina works as a Scientist at Shape Therapeutics based in Boston, MA.

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