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Looking out over the ocean as the sun rises. The air is crisp with the freshness of the morning. Sunbeams scatter sending beautiful colors to kiss the earth.

artwork by

Diann Cardello

When Diann Cardello paints, she is in a space with no words. Similar to a meditative process, she is able to explore the depths of intuitive feeling and what comes forth is often the vibrant energy of life, beyond form, that is expressed through magnificent displays of color, texture, and light. Diann also utilizes Reiki and Sound Therapy to facilitate her "connection" and she experiences each painting as an intimate conversation with the divine. Painting is her way of journaling. Her gift is the opportunity to share her work with others. Diann is a master of mixed media, an award-winning artist and teacher. She has exhibited her work in juried shows, art shows, galleries, Susquehanna Art Museum and the Pennsylvania State Capital. Some of her pieces are currently on display at Summer Studio in Avalon, New Jersey and Garth Gallery in Columbia, Pennsylvania, as well as in private collections.

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