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This day had a stoney, brisk feeling about it. The exhaust and smoke that seeped out  from pipes and small stacks in the background seemed just to hang suspended, drying  out into powder. The bending pipe carried my gaze across and up, popping against its dark metal holders. This is the Tin Mill section of the mill - one of the parts of the mill that stayed open throughout the layoffs and ownership changes. On this particularly gray day, with just the buildings, concrete, and corrugated metal standing at attention against the cold, I felt like I was staring at part of a village, growing from the browned concrete and pushing up against the frozen overcast sky. It was a slow, cold  moment to capture. This painting comes framed: 25.5" x 33.25"

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Jaclyn Rice

Born and raised in the gently rolling hills and farmlands of Lancaster County, PA, Jaci earned a BFA in Painting/Drawing at Tyler School of Art (of Temple University) in Philadelphia, PA. After moving to Pittsburgh, PA, she participated in her first residency program, The Distillery, through The Brewhouse, a gallery/work/live space located on the South Side of the city. A 2020 recipient of the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellowship, and mother to three, Jaci spends most of her time caring for her family while carving out time to work in her home studio. She continues her industrial landscape work based on observations of her current hometown of Weirton, West Virginia, once a monolith of the steel industry, now a Rust Belt beacon in the process of revitalization. She regularly shows her work though juried exhibitions, in collector’s homes throughout the country and completes commissioned work when able.

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